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Feb 18th, 2018, 10:32pm

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xx On The Subject of Strategic Method
« Thread started on: Jun 8th, 2005, 5:29pm »

The first time I ever came across Gottfried Leibniz was nearly a year ago. At that time I began reading through several pieces of his shorter works, including his Monodology. A few days later, on the morning of my birthday, I read through a piece that he had written "On Wisdom". I remember getting up extra early and going into the office to read it, for it was my birthday, which I wished to begin with such thoughts. Later that night, while working through another piece, I discovered that it was Leibniz's birthday.

I have questioned for many years if there were individuals in this world who could lead our generation into an understanding of the world around us. I would agree, and am more than apt to discuss the idea that this is in truth, "The best of all possible worlds."

I do believe that I am not the only individual in the world, and so wish for the thoughts of those who would be so inclined as to seek a discussion of profound antiquity, what thoughts have you on the question of Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, a figure of today not unlike our beloved Gottfried?

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